Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bush's Nuclear Jihad & Other Peoples' Nuclear Ambitions

I really enjoy watching Condi on C-Span, as this evening, when she & Barack Obama (D) went head-to-head over the U.S. decision to encourage, nay, aid & abet, India's Nuclear Ambitions. I don't know whether C-Span filmed it today or just aired today in light of Dubya's rumored "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" campaign, but the timing is delicious if the latter.

Barack politely & civilly pointed out to Condi (as if she didn't know) that our friends in India, besides NOT belonging to/obeying an important anti-nuclear proliferation organization, have had cozy interactions with Iran in the past. Condi cocked her head as if she really couldn't understand why all the fuss, and purred soothingly that India, although not a formal member of said organization, was "in substantial compliance" with its aims, and the lone-wolf scientist within Indian borders who had reached out to Iran had been dealt with.

That's not all. How about Australia's deal with respect to China's desire for enriched uranium? And on & on. We're sure, however, that OUR friends only want access to nuclear power for peaceful, energy-generating reasons.

Back to Iran.

It's so hard to be the world's policemen & -women in the Nuclear Age.


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