Friday, April 07, 2006

This Just In: Stupidity on the Wane, Not Entirely Eliminated

President Bush's approval ratings continue to plummet, proving for once & for all--er, for now--that, according to an AP/Ipsos poll, roughly 30% of Americans are still stupid.

Although, to be fair, they may be living in caves WITHOUT satellite dishes. But c'mon, pollsters. Who really cares what stupid people "think?" (And I use the term loosely). Those who have TeeVees must be watching Inside Edition & mistaking it for serious TV.


Blogger R. Ellis said...

I think you want to take a look at the LIVE from NEW YORK CITY posts, White House parts 1 and 2 plus part 3 being posted on Saturday April 8th, as they explain the very good reason why Gee Dumya's poopularity is the pits. Those posts are found on my blog page and yes this is a bit of self promotion, but it is also either the truth or damn funny.

CHEERS... blogger rand

9:57 PM  

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