Friday, April 07, 2006

More Jesus News, Republican Misdeeds & About Those War Weenies

Just a parenthetical before I launch into today's news analysis/tirade.

On that dark, dark day when Georgie and his gang of Evil-doers, Inc. captured the White House for the second time, I was visited by a species of distress so discomfiting I was truly beside myself. Didn't the rest of America see what was so patently clear to me--that they were, indeed, evil-doers, brazen political whores, prevaricators, liars and thieves? (Not to put too fine a point on it.)

The stench of greed, corruption and disingenuous cupidity was all OVER them, people! Didn't everybody smell it?

That George and his henchmen had cynically capitalized on 911 to engineer what they hoped would be a teflon "wartime presidency" which none but the bravest would dare challenge was totally obvious to me. I despaired as they managed to tar & feather far better men than they (sorry, gals, but it's true--we're still just handmaidens in politics) on grounds of being war weenies, although they themselves had gone AWOL in the Vietnam era, hidden in school & behind wifies' skirts, all the while comforting themselves that plenty of poor minority slobs were patriotically serving as cannon fodder (Tom DeLay actually had the balls to "complain" that their presence meant he didn't have to fight, although he very much wanted to do so, y'understand).

A parenthetical within a parenthetical: Gloria Steinem terms it, correctly, the "poverty draft." Seen any recruiting ads lately? They make no bones about it. Just another good reason for the extreme social engineering that has occurred under the Bush Administration. If political & econonomic policies further divide the (very, very) rich from the (very, very) poor the poor will have no choice but to grovel over the meager leavings, and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Hammer that cheap labor into abject submission, dammit!

But I digress. My point here is that I wish I could have foreseen me now. I confess I had always hoped--nay, prayed, that America would be delivered from these greedy fuckers, and if I had known (not merely hoped) that their arrogance would be their downfall, I would have spent the past coupla years in a calmer state.

Now, my prayers have been answered. The shit is exploding from their collective entrails so fast & furious that every day brings a new revelation just how vile they really are. I even find myself going easy on my Republican relatives & in-laws. I'm magnaimous in victory. No need to beat them over it. Just the other day I let my uncle get away with this statement: "Well, the Democrats are just as corrupt." I let him have that consolation & proposed that the U.S. go to a parliamentary system wherein when things get this bad, the government dissolves & everybody goes home, end of story. Which is actually a good idea. There's a point at which the greed for power gets so entrenched that there is, really, no other sane solution.

I would, however, like to say: I told you so!


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