Friday, April 07, 2006

Jesus & the GOP

I don't mean to infer at all that the former would endorse the latter (I seriously doubt it), it's just that the most interesting news today has to do with both.

Newly recovered from a hole in the Egyptian desert somewhere (it's to be presumed), news today of an ancient chronicle regarding Judas Iscariot's role in the betrayal of Christ.

Yep, Jesus implored him to do it so that He would be crucified & the whole drama of the Resurrection could be played out. Now that's canny planning. And poor Judas, villified all these years, was really doing the son of God's bidding.

The article notes, as well, the recently discovered Gnostic gospels, & the belief among Gnostics that the flesh was only clothing for the spirit, & the sooner liberated from it, the better. (Go into the light!)

I'll believe THAT when Pat Robertson says so. He's proven that he reliably reads God's mind so MANY times.

I might add, heretic rabble-rouser that I am, reincarnation makes more sense to me. The theory there is that we have to live many, many lifetimes subject to the vulnerabilities & temptations of the flesh before we learn, as history shows, one becomes (or already is) what one purports most vociferously to villify. And in the meantime, we just go on crucifying each other.


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