Sunday, April 09, 2006

Iraq-Iran, Iran-Iraq: A Survey 101 Course For Idiots

What's the difference, besides a consonant?

They're kinda hard to distinguish otherwise. They're both Middle Eastern countries, both filled with, as George calls them, "freedom-hating" intolerant religious leaders & would-be jihaddist minions willing to do their bidding, while Americans really have no clue in general as to why that should be so.

One posed no threat at all (leastways, not for the reasons we were given), and by ill-advisedly invading anyway, we've managed to inflame those in the Muslim world who were ripe for the radicalizing--a population that has been dangerously on the verge of boil-over in its hatred of the secular Western world since mid-century last.

If our "mission" there was creating a breeding & training ground for terrorists, we have indeed accomplished it.

If anyone bothers to look at things from their point of view, Americans are only the latest in a long line of occupying Western forces & cultural co-optors. (And I can't resist adding that the American radical religious right should be the first to understand this, if their desperation to regain & dominate American cultural thought is indeed as warranted as they want to think it is. Hey, y'all, would Jesus be so bigoted against a group that was trying to accomplish the same thing in their country as you want to accomplish in ours? I have to think not.) But anyway.

The other, however, truly is a potential nuclear threat, and now our collective asses are in a sling. George, on our behalf, has invested all his "political capital" & a good deal of ours(in the form of the federal deficit) in a Vietnam-like quagmire of his own creation (and a significant crowd of us out here thinks it was a very stupid stunt).

Now, according to the Washington Post, he's considering the possibility of military intervention in Iran. How are we going to afford that, George?

Stop goofing off in the back of the classroom & pay attention, or I'll have to reconsider that "Gentleman's C" I was going to give you solely because your Daddy went to Yale & you, by virtue of this grand institution's generous program of affirmative action for the rich, got in, too.


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