Friday, April 07, 2006

There's A Bloated Balloon Over Washington: RUN!

In today's New York Times, Congresspersons run away as fast as they can after passing a stupendously bloated budget bill.

And the backstory is just as revealing. After a Bush appointee borrowed from the federal employees' retirement plans to cover the fact that the Prez's abysmal lack of financial sense had pushed the federal deficit beyond its highest legislated ceiling ever (yes, Virginia, we CAN have a glorious eternal war against terror & tax cuts, too), and after the ceiling had been raised to avoid Bush looking like the corrupt idiot son of effete privilege some of us think he really is, everybody in Congress did the only thing persons of honor & integrity would do: RUN!

And who can blame them? It's an election year, sure to be a hot one, & nobody dares tell the folks back home that they can't bring back the pork-barrel projects & pet-issue spending.

But I guess I'm just repeating what the Republicans were always complaining about when they were watching from the sidelines. Things are different now. For one, the budget hasn't been balanced since Clinton was in office, & George gave away the surplus as signing bonuses to his friends.


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