Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tom DeLay's Non-Profit Orphans

Well, I've exhaustively researched the matter, & I really can't figure out whether Tom is putting his orphans & retarded children to good & productive use, er--teaching them employable skills--such as washing golf balls & assembling those weird barrette-hair ornaments with the little beads & feathers dangling from them, as a dear friend in Massachusetts suspects.

Photo: The Daily Kos

(Where else could the things come from--outer space?)

But it does seem plausible, & is a great excuse to run this photo again.

See also the link to some self-described cranky old fart's site for what I think is a great explication of the entire mystery, plus a really entertaining photo of Republican preschoolers. If Tom dresses them in such expensive & handsome "I am the Man" suits, well, all contributions to his cause are being put to laudable use.

I've f***ed with the link function for hours now, even trying to insert the link manually, but as ya's know, the people who translate owner's manuals & assembly instructions from the Chinese are the same geeks who inevitably leave out some important step in translating HTML codes for the rest of us who only speak English. I've lost patience, & most of my evening.

However, I PROMISE that it's worth your while to copy this link into your browser & access this blog yourself:


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