Friday, June 08, 2007

Spymaster Cheney

Ill: Micah Wright/Propganda Remix
used with permission

Comes the news today (title bar) that former Deputy Attorney General James Comey, who recently testified before Congress & dropped the bombshell news that the DOJ wasn't entirely on board at one time with the White House's warrantless wiretap & spying program--after it had already been in effect--as well as the bombshell fact that the controversy resulted in a call to AG Ashcroft's wife from from Somebody--Bush himself?-while Ashcroft, barely conscious & heavily medicated, lay in his hospital bed.

Soon thereafter, then-White House officials Alberto Gonzales & Andrew Card paid a ghoulish nighttime visit to the hospital in an effort to persuade a gravely ill Ashcroft to sign off on it anyway. Ashcroft refused (he had already turned his office's authority over to Comey), who also refused. When the White House insisted, Comey & Robert Meuller, head of the FBI, among others, threatened to resign.

Ah, yes, you remember now, don't you?

Today's bombshell news comes again from Comey, in written answers to questions that he submitted to Congress, revealing that it was Dick Cheney who, in a meeting the day before the ghouls were ordered to descend upon Ashcroft, told the Justice Department that he disagreed with their objections to the warrantless spying program.

Dick is a well-known legal scholar after all, as well as unsurpassed master of interpreting intelligence reports on Iraq.

And in case you doubt (after the Plame mess) just how very vindictive & petty he can be to people who have the unmitigated gall to stand up to him, later on he blocked the promotion of an official at the DOJ who disagreed with him on the issue.

Hmm...where have we seen this kind of behavior in American politix before? The Nixon White House?

A coincidence, surely!

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