Monday, May 07, 2007

That Does It ~ I'm Probably Voting For Obama

Where in the pantheon of evil neocon progaganda & stinking rotten pig guts does Rush Limbaugh fall, anyway?

There are some monsters & assholes even DP finds too awful to countenance--like Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter & now Rush Limbaugh. She never watches Fox, she never reads Ann Coulter's books, & she never listens to hate-spew radio a la Limbaugh.

As a result, she missed this vile piece of crap ridiculing Barack Obama as "The Magic Negro," sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon." To view, title bar.

Bad prose & worse acts always provoke the irresistible yearning to hit back, and so I hereby present, in Rush's honor, a song (sung to the same tune), an equally-awkwardly composed ditty in homage to the great big bombastic piece of offal we all know as Rush Limbaugh, with apologies to his 3 ex-wives (poor dears).

Rush the evil pundit
lives in denial
popping pills & spewing hate
finer men he would defile

Rush the pile of blubber
inflated with hot air
He can't really get it up
so regales us all with nitwit tripe
too juvenile to bear

What is it with grown men
who can't control their mouths
Rush a piece of senseless shit
vitriol beyond the foul

Rush the evil pundit
wethinks your time has come
bel-l-i-gerence & bombast,
Rush the evil pundit, we'll see that you are done.

Contact Rush's employer & drive him off the air:

Addendum: Here's what Rush Limbaugh (sensitive soul that he is, & greatly attuned to issues of race), said just after he played the parody pitting "real" blacks against the "clean, articulate" Obama. Rush argues that Democratic liberals are the ones who are racist:
"So your attempt to assuage all of your white guilt by supporting Obama is worthless because you're just -- you're just exhibiting racism because you know he's not a real black.

"As [Sen. Joseph R.] Biden [D-DE] said, he's clean and articulate. What else did he say? Clean -- yeah, clean, good looking, articulate, one of the first. But he's not real. This is -- this is more of the drivel and the bilge that we get from the drive-by media. In order to be a real black, you've got to be a [Rev. Al] Sharpton, you've got to be a Snoop Dogg, you've got to be a [rapper] Ludacris or something like that. Obama can't possibly fill this role because nobody knows anything about him, and we don't want to know anything about him.

"The only thing that matters is that he's black and he sounds good and it allows you white racists to assuage your guilt. Well, there is white racism out there. Much of it is on the left where the plantation mentality still resides.
"The term 'Magic Negro' has been thrown into the political presidential race in the mix for 2008. And the term 'Magic Negro,' as applied to Barack Obama, has been done by an L.A. Times columnist, David Ehrenstein. What do you think? If I keep referring to Obama as the 'Magic Negro' from this day on, I will eventually get the credit and/or heat for this 'Magic Negro.'

"It is a term, and it's exactly as described here. Its purpose is to allow whites the guilt-free support. But in Barack's case, it's only 'cause he isn't a real black. And the L.A. Times, by the way, this is the not the first of these types of columns. The L.A. Times has been two or three columns like this, 'is Barack Obama black enough?' and so forth. So there's a racist component out there on the editorial page of the L.A. Times that's obsessed with the race of Barack Obama and is with all leftists. While they are obsessed with race, accusing everybody else of being racist. We'll be right back.



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