Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Guy Who'll Be Investigating Karl Rove (Maybe)

Allegedly, another fox in charge of the henhouse

"He's been accused of rolling back protections for federal workers who face sexual-orientation discrimination; installing staffers in key posts who share his religious-conservative worldview; wielding his prosecutorial power for partisan purposes; and turning his agency into a "black hole" for whistleblower disclosures and complaints of reprisal. Welcome to Scott Bloch's stormy, three-year tenure at the helm of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), the federal government's obscure whistleblower-protection agency, which is also in charge of policing whether federal employees are engaging in political activity on the job."

Read on: excellent in-depth article in Mother Jones today (title bar).

Is it too soon to be calling for an special independent prosecutor? ~ if indeed there is such a creature left in the land ~

Update: Seems I'm not the only person to think so:



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