Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update: Doin' the Dance, The Karl Rove Dance

Karl Busts Another Move ~ Dances to Save his Neocon Nation

Update: Ooopsie! White House says e-mails linking Rove to prosecutor firings have been lost. George not only has a Monica haunting him, seems that Rosemary Woods is still "accidentally" erasing evidence for the White House.
And oopsie again ~ Congress heard testimony today that prompted accusations that the General Services Administration, whose function it is to award & monitor tax-payer funded contracts, is playing politix, & again Karl Rove's office is involved. The head of the GSA, Ms. Doan, met with Rove's office in an effort to plan how the GSA could help 'our candidates' get elected.
"In several recent statements, Doan has said she did nothing wrong. She said her troubles are the result of retaliation by the inspector general over her efforts to rein in spending and balance the GSA budget.
"Doan, a wealthy former government contractor who sold her company before taking over the GSA last May, has hired three law firms and two media relations companies at her own expense to handle inquiries from the federal investigators and the news media."
Amply demonstrating why he's called the Neocon Brain, Mr. Rove treats us all to yet another example of what your Demon Princess likes to call the "flip & deflect"--that is, accusing the GOP's political enemies of the very things they themselves have made de rigeur SOP in the no-holds-barred pursuit of power for its own sake.
Just one of the things she really hates about the Neocons, who have succeeded in poisoning American politix so thoroughly that its going to be a long, long time before we can drink from the well without having to stifle an involuntary gag response.
If their mouths are moving, they must be lying, & in Rove's case, the more he hams it up, the more he's trying to distract you from the very things the GOP is doing by projecting it onto his adversaries. In advance, natch. Either Karl is prescient, or, more likely, he's in on the behind-the-scenes manipulation.
Two pieces in the NYT today remind us how stubborn & arrogant the Neocons can be, even (or maybe especially) when caught with their pants down. In the first (title bar), a federal panel on election integrity, under great pressure ~ which seems to have included an alteration to its original report ~ issues what is still a lukewarm & not very convincing endorsement to the GOP's position that all those fired prosecutors were indeed not paying enough attention to manipulations at the ballot box by Democrats.
"The Republican Party’s interest in rooting out voter fraud has been encouraged by the White House.
"In a speech last April, Karl Rove, Mr. Bush’s senior political adviser, told a group of Republican lawyers that election integrity issues were an 'enormous and growing' problem. 'We’re, in some parts of the country, I’m afraid to say, beginning to look like we have elections like those run in countries where the guys in charge are colonels in mirrored sunglasses,' Mr. Rove said. 'I mean, it’s a real problem.'”
Your Demon can't disagree. However, the guys in the mirrored sunglasses seem to be Republicans.
I'll ignore for now the fact that the words "elections" & "integrity" from Karl Rove in the same sentence proves only once again that he has no shame ~ the essential insight to his character. He IS the master of deflection & architect of the disingenuous propaganda PR soundbyte that's become the trademark of the Neocon nation.
Apparently, good Christian we have to assume he is, he doesn't care that there's a special spot in hell reserved especially for him, right next to Machiavelli. But that's to be worried about later if at all ~ in the here & now he's got a sinking ship to try to save, & Karl's pulling every trick out of his shabby & weathered overused Magic Dirty Trick Box to do it.
And well he might, because things are gettin' pretty ugly for Mr. Rove, his boss, & especially 'Berto, who has a key role in the most nefarious doings of the Neocon Nation. Check this editorial , "Another Layer of Scandal," appearing in the NYT today: the politicization of the Justice Department just may be the last straw not to be borne. (Yes, even with torture & American-run gulags abroad propping up a misguided war of choice in the MidEast).



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