Friday, March 30, 2007

Why Prosecution & Politix Shouldn't Mix

Those dirty little secrets have a way of coming out

Today's better-late-than never news is a piece written by a former U.S. prosecutor for the LA Times (title bar). In brief, he says that prosecutions based on politix & deliberate interference with elections is nothing new for the Bushco brigade & their chief enablers (pictured).
Delightful reading, if you weren't under the impression there's anything wrong with that. After all, to the victors go the spoils--including using federal firepower to keep themselves in office, by hook or by crook. Right?
But this satirical piece by may capture the essence of it more faithfully, when it comes down to how ordinary consumers--er, *voters*--feel about the whole mess, which only bores them & distracts them from their patriotic shopping duties.
"So I fired some lawyers. Everyone hates lawyers. Anyway, I’d much rather that folks be hearing about me giving the smackdown to a bunch of fancy-talking, Florsheim-wearing courtroom sissies than hearing other stuff, like news about all those 18 year-olds getting fed into the gaping maw of my Iraq ClusterfuckTM Death Machine."



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