Saturday, March 17, 2007

Richard Perle On Tour

Image of Original Painting, "Beating the Drum," Used with Permission of the Artist, Mark Bryan

Perusing a notice from her library today, Demon Princess was shocked to find (in addition to the tally of fines for all those books on Buddhism she failed to return on time), this, a notice that none other than Richard Perle is touring the libraries of the majestic Pacific Northwest, so:

"The Case for War: In Defense of Freedom
Tuesday, April 3, 7–9pm, Issaquah Library. With debate over the war in Iraq still dominating policy discussions, this film follows one of the advocates for the war against Saddam Hussein. Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle travels the globe articulating, defending and debating the neoconservative case for an assertive American foreign policy. "

Did someone fail to clue Richard in on the fact that Saddam is gone already? Does he not know yet that taking Saddam out was a mere pretext for our invasion & that the intelligence upon which we based it was as overcooked as a moldy old casserole?

And in the news today also, this, from the Associated Press ~ a guilty conviction on lesser charges than premeditated murder for the brave American military man who instigated the release of detainees then had his men shoot them in the back as they fled.

He was convicted only of negligent homicide, & reportedly smiled as he hugged his defense lawyer.;_ylt=AijnJ2cgNxBg0Tnh6cj0w8Cs0NUE

Demon Princess certainly hopes he & Perle don't contract worms from ingesting that moldy old casserole.



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