Tuesday, March 06, 2007

DP Proposes A Simple Solution To Spread Of HPV

Before we get to the really, really big news today & forget, your Demon Princess wishes to share a simple proposal regarding the spread of the HPV virus which causes so many women so much misery in the form of cervical cancer.

We were shocked when the Governor of Texas (filling George's shoes, the heretic) proposed mandatory vaccination of all young girls in that state well before they were scheduled by God to be sexually active, preferably not until being locked down in the happy & blissful state of marriage.

Shocked that any politico from Texas would bravely & presciently do anything that might anger the Bible thumpers there ~ & it soon arrived in protests that such a policy sends a message that it's all right for girls to be promiscuous. We all intuitively know that female sexuality, after all, is craven, wanton & very, very dangerous to the well being of society generally once loosed ~ going back to Eve herself, doncha know. Adam was just a naiive victim who willingly went along to please that harlot Eve.

Check this article from a Houston paper about a woman who mysteriously contracted HPV despite being married for 15 years, most of which were pap-smear clean, until suddenly they weren't. (Title bar.)

Oh heavens to Betsy, now.

I can resolve this conundrum in a way that will undoubtedly appeal to the rough & ready Texas wingnuts far more effeciently, & to everyone's satisfaction ~

Just shoot the men who spread it. One bullet, no problems, preferably without a trial.



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