Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pretty Funny: Evangelicals Argue Over Global Warming

Ill: The Worried Shrimp

There's no room for more than one evangelical opioninator here, bud ~

WaPo article: (title bar)

Even funnier: that Inohofe guy who went on record as saying, "I'm no global warming denier" a while ago, now says (paraphrased), "Mars is experiencing global warming, & there are no SUV's there." He speaks with such authority we assume he's actually been there to do his fact check.

You'd think the guy would quit while he's still ahead.

Your Demon Princess ~ always willing to laud intellectual brilliance & stunning argument wherever she finds it ~



Blogger Paul said...

They've no need to "save the earth" since they're all planning on rising up into heaven when gabriel blows his horn. This is just a temporary stop for them and they really don't give a rats ass for any of us who are planning on sticking around for awhile.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Excellent point, Paul.

The Rapture will indeed cure all ills, leaving us infidels here to choke in our own waste. As God intended! You have a problem with that ?!

Good to know you're still checking in :)

12:38 PM  

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