Monday, February 26, 2007

Red Alert~ All Hell About To Bust Loose As A Result Of New American Mideast Strateregy

Image of original painting, "Dick," used with kind permission of the artist, Mark Bryan
Legendary Investigative Reporter Seymour Hirsch says, in a New Yorker article today, that the Bush Administration's newest tactic has been to fund, covertly, Sunni terrorist groups with ties to Al Queda in order to foment civil war in Iran. With barrels of cash, without congressional knowledge, approval, or oversight, natch. (Title bar.)

Let's us guess--& then, when things get really outta control, declare war on Iran to save them from themselves (sound familiar?) This is the Bushcon Brigade's idea of provoking & fighting an "honorable" war, is it? --by funding terrorist groups with ties to Al Queda! Go, Fox, we want to see you try to spin that! Some heads we'd be very entertained by seeing explode over that idea: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter....
This is Bushco's idea of sending a message not only to Shia-dominated Iran, but to the Shia-dominated Iraq we've treated so well so far. We'll fund the people who attacked us (covertly, of course) to put our "pals" in their places. So much for elected "democracies."

And guess whose brilliant idea it's been? ~ direct to you fom the unrelentingly evil & greedy mind of America's #1 Dick ~



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