Saturday, February 17, 2007

An Ode To The Valentine's Day Past ~ Assholes, Inc.

Ah, love ~ so elusive in this modern day & age~

Valentine's Day must be one of America's most overhyped (& manufactured) holidays, but woe be to the current or prospective lover who ignores it. Those facts will NOT be accepted as a good defense. It is every bit as important to a relationship as recognizing a birthday or any other overhyped & manufactured holiday in America (all of them, in short).

Your Demon Princess would add Halloween to that list, just because (isn't it obvious to the rest of you?) she has so many dangerous planets in Scorpio & the houses of Death & Transformation. Er ~ on second thought, let's not go there.

Suffice it to say, I was not the least bit surprised to read this interesting tidbit in the Washington Post shortly before the momentous holiday of Love: cowards in the romantic department who choose Valentine's Day, of all days, to inform a not-very-significant other that they've checked out.

DP is pondering whether that's any worse than being informed on the way back from the hospital after undergoing surgery that the knight in tarnished armor has flown away, which, of course, would be DP's personal experience with the worst, most cowardly & ill-timed breakup she's ever experienced.

Anyway, having long since recovered from that experience, she's here to tell ya, kids, that it's not for nothing that she has all those planets in Scorpio. Put to the right uses (not necessarily the vindictive revenge for which the Scorpion is justly famed, although Mr. Wrong did get an earful whether he liked it or not, & I daresay he did not, that was a kind alternative in view of the fact that the other was a grisly death by murder most foul .) And, for probably the 1st time in her life as a result of a very dramatic romantic fizzle, your DP went into the pain as opposed to ignoring it & just sailing on. (The sailing on came later, but it did indeed arrive.)

There's a lot to be said for the rationale that (quoting from the article), in the long term, the choice of timing of the Dumpor says a lot to the Dumpee about the Dumpor's character, & you wouldn't want to be tangled up in the psyche of such a person anyway. Cold comfort as it seems at the time, it's really more of a reflection & commentary on them than you. Chances are, the Dumpor is so self-absorbed he or she can't recognize the person you are, or the fact that you also have feelings.

Speaking in very general terms, Americans are nothing if not self-absorbed, afflicted their entire lives, it seems, with the "precious me" syndrome that comes of being immersed in a culture & country which, on the whole, has a surfeit of luxury available & a warped sense of entitlement (& close siblings, envy & lust) as a result. Every thing & every one they encounter seem to be viewed as an object to be manipulated in order to gain the greatest amount of ego-inflating (if short-term) pleasure ~ & if, by chance, some real effort is required of them to sustain it, the most cowardly of them just evaporate into thin air, but not without leaving a boatload of pain in their wakes. Applicable to both sexes, by the way.

And so the rest of us just have to deal with the messes they leave behind. Not necessarily quietly, but somehow, some way. And we do, don't we?

The challenge is not to get sucked into their dysfunctional world views. Demon Princess says: create your own & stick by your guns & to your principles.

The rest of you might want to avail yourselves of the list of dirty tricks & services proferred by the Assholes, Inc. listed in the article (title bar).

But beware: what goes around comes around, & cowardly dirty tricks will come back to bite you in the ass.



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