Monday, February 05, 2007

WWIII ~ On The Way

Ill: "Commander Doom," by the Worried Shrimp

Hey, hey, hey, WWIII is on the way!

Just in case you weren't paying attention today, a plethora of no-confidence resolutions were stymied completely by the few Republicons left in Congress (we can fix that; probably not, however, soon enough to prevent Boy George from doing his damnedest to bring the Neocon fantasy of WWIII to brilliant technicolor life), just the same way we were led into Iraq ~ by lies, propaganda & an overdose of PR. The Neocons have already decided that the Global War on Terror is to be their excuse for a perpetual state of war, & undoubtedly, keeping themselves in power.

Republicons, by preventing even a debate on the merits of the "surge," have once again succeeded in keeping the voters out of it. Those of you who were watching C-span tonight had some cause to be entertained (like me) by the spectacle of the crybabies whining, as a complete last resort to cover their real agenda, that the mean old Democrats wouldn't let them, "the minority party" have their way, so they weren't about to let the Dems hold any debates on the resolutions, even the counter-resolutions introduced by their own.

Long story short: the American voters themselves will not be permitted to have any say in the matter. Period. We're being manipulated again ~ now with respect to Iran. It's fairly clear that Bush intends to drag Iran, & every other middle Eastern country that doesn't heel to the radical Neocon agenda of absolute power & domination, into a swirling vortex of never-ending war. Thus we read the dubious news stories of Iranian plans to infiltrate Iraq, & bomb-making capacity they don't yet possess.

Check this interesting tidbit reported in the British press today (title bar): American generals say a war on Iran would be a disaster & beg the British government to stop Bush.

Lest it escape the non-professional war-mongers among us, it has been our thoroughly botched war in Iraq that created a vaccuum in the region, & George continues to lie & manipulate, even in the face of the latest NIE that says we're only creating more conflicts we can't handle in the Mideast. A policy of expansion will be tantamount to pouring blood, lives, & unfathomable amounts of money we don't really have into a rapidly collapsing sinkhole. (And ~ in other news today ~ George also proposes a monster budget to maintain this war, not counting the outsourcing to private contractor-mercenaries, of course ~ a budget he proposes to make more palatable by cutting even more domestic programs, like education).

The sheer relentlessness of the arrogant Neocon agenda is what I find truly astounding. Even more so since it's been made plain to us, the American voters, that we have no say in any of it, as long as Bush, Cheney, Gonzales & their sycophants remain in office.

I've never said this outright before, but the time has come. The Democrats we elected to office as change agents clearly cannot be effective until a Neocon housecleaning has taken place.

Lose no time: impeachment proceedings are in order, right now. We already have ample grounds.



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