Monday, February 19, 2007

Another President's Day ~ Another Silly PR Stunt Gone Awry

Can You Spot the One Who's Only Pretending to be President?
Photo: AP

~ This President's Day, George Bush seizes the opportunity to place himself among the world's bravest men, those who defied empires & actually led their soldiers through the muck & the blood, without uniforms, often without shoes, without proper arms, without warmth & without comfort~

And who, by the way, were among the western world's first terrorists, if you could have asked the Brits for their point of view. Lacking so much in the way of proper equipment or personnel, they made the most of their meager means by capitalizing on the element of surprise.
George, by contrast, knows nothing of war himself, but presumes to direct it from a safe remove, by remote control, really, for the benefit of war-profiteering military-industrial complex buddies who also feed his & the rest of the GOP's campaign coffers. How cozy & convenient.
Demon Princess says: President's Day while George W. Bush is in office is just another good excuse for sleeping in.
(If you care to view the silly article with you own 2 eyes, hit the title bar. )



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