Saturday, March 03, 2007

Right-Wing Hate Ranters On Rampage Again

Media Whore Ann Coulter Calls Edwards "Faggot" & Announces She's Going Into Rehab

Oh Christ. They're at it again. Yesterday was the big convocation of ranting evil idiots for some confab designed to launch Republican candidates for President (haha). Somebody was stupid enough to give the demonically possessed Ann Coulter a forum for her further incohorent rants, & she used it to not-call (wink, wink) Democratic candidate Edwards a faggot.
She also commented that she doesn't understand why gays aren't Republicans (seriously?). (Title bar).
Check your facts, Ann. A lot are, & some are pedophiles to boot.
The name Mark Foley ring a bell?
Continues to blow my mind how Republicans apparently believe that giving ranting, raving lunatics Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, et. al a platform for their evil, hate-filled spew is going to attract any but like minded evil, hate-filled idots to vote for them.
And they wish us to believe they're the sane alternative?
Godless. (tsk, tsk.) Way worse even: unforgivably stupid ~



Blogger Matthew The Astrologer said...

Ann Coulter, Godless? Pure, irresponsible, partisan propaganda.

But (applying her own standards of truthiness) Ann Coulter, Crazy Disease-Riddled Whore? THAT, at least, can be proven...

10:36 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Don't forget--anexoric. See how deep her eyeballs are sunk in her head?

What a bizarre crazy assortment of kooks 'n wingnuts we have on the right in this country: crazed war-mongerers ready to dismantle democracy in pursuit of global domination (or at least the parts that have oil); bible thumpers & those who just claim its authority; drug abusing talk show hosts, drug abusing evangelicals, gay-bashers, gay pedophiles, & gay pedophile substance abusers. Don't forget philanderers.

WHAT a motley crew. Can you Canadians arrange to invade America (for our own good?) Please bring universal health care with you.

2:19 PM  

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