Tuesday, February 27, 2007

~ Redirecting The Redirection ~

Photo: AP
Condi & her boss listen to Negroponte speak, prompting DP to run a "write a caption" contest!

Well, thank goodness your Demon Princess has the day off & the werewithal to pay attention, because it's been a most interesting news day!
For instance ~ Dick Cheney being forced into a bomb shelter in Afghanistan (somewhat entertaining, considering); threats on his life from radical Muslim quarters; Hamas threatening George with repercussions if he won't stop meddling in Iran; real live soldiers who apparently see what's coming & advocate withdrawal from Iraq on 60 Minutes; & this:
An announcement that, on second thought, real Neocons will entertain diplomatic solutions by inviting other Middle Eastern countries to the table in Iraq. (Title bar). And as to that, Press Secretary Tony Snow issues a statement that Iraqis will be in charge of it (in case it fails, we presume), but Big Daddy Bush will maintain a presence (just in case things don't go his way).
Playing both ends against the middle can be a very dangerous game, but the Neocons seem not to have the sense to know it. DP fears they are refusing to recognize that aggression begets aggression, & underhanded aggression begets the worst results of all. (Besides putting all their eggs in one basket, & unable to cope with "evildoers" in other arenas.)
As I always tell my kids, keep one ear open to what people want you to believe, but keep you eyes on they feets.
Anyone who doesn't walk his talk is a bad enemy & a worse friend. And it's always the latter that really bites you in the ass.



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