Friday, March 09, 2007

Mea Culpa On The Right

Well, if your Demon Princess has the day off (yay!) to keep an appointment with the dentist again (boo!) she thinks she deserves to rejoice in some good political news for a change.

It's always nice when the Universe heeds her wishes. Direct to you from the Upside-Down world of Bushco, Inc., we have ~ not one, but 3 mea culpas from some of the the right-wing lunatics DP loves most to hate:

Alberto Gonzales from the Justice Department ~ somebody has told him that the spin he let out in an op-ed in USA Today saying nobody has a right to interfere in his department's "disgruntled employee" (fired prosecutors) matters was not a good thing. In fact, the Bush Administration beat a hasty retreat on that front, & says it will no longer take the position that Congress has no say in the matter & will not push it. After the hearings revealed that GOP Congresspersons had put pressure on the prosecutors for political reasons, of course.

Even Karl Rove, speaking out of town somewhere, hadn't received the meme. (As I keep asking, who elected him, anyway, & why is he touring the country speaking?);_ylt=AlSeoZJm7qs3.bUaCPX_mmuWwvIE
In another blow to the (horribly misnamed) Patriot Act, in an audit conducted over the Bush Administration's protests, the FBI was found to have misused its powers to spy on citizens ~ even when no official investigations were underway. Oh, no, say it ain't so!

And finally, Newt admits that he was conducting his own extramarital affair of the nether regions even as he was leading the vicious attack on Bill Clinton.

However, demonstrating how well his disingenous "brilliant" mind works in the intersection where his own uncontrollable libinidiousness & national political interests meet, he justified the contradiction by splitting some mighty fine hairs, proving yet again the dangers of thinking with your dick. Pretty funny.;_ylt=AgPfbZ5A9FuWvgAVuWsWZPSWwvIE

Enjoy ASAP: these Yahoo news reports only last about 3 seconds. Happy Friday!



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