Sunday, April 15, 2007

Daily GonzoGate Twitter

Photo: AP
Today's twitter is Berto's apparent belief that Congress will forgive him for not being a hands-on administrator in his advance release of a 25-page document before he testifies next week.
Adopting the humble facade that's gotten him as far as he's come in politix ~ that is, one that easily fools arrogant white people in power into believing that they're dealing with a self-effacing guy who's just grateful to have been allowed to advance as far as he has into the exclusive inner circle ~ 'Berto pleads that he was perhaps guilty of not being a more hands-on manager, by way of explaining his contradictory past statements regarding his involvement in the partisan prosecutor purge. (Title bar.)
"Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, fighting to save his job, said in prepared Senate testimony Sunday he has 'nothing to hide' in the firings of eight federal prosecutors but claimed a hazy memory about his involvement in them.
"In his 25-page statement, Gonzales apologized for embarrassing the eight U.S. attorneys and their families by letting their ousters erupt into a political firestorm that has engulfed the Justice Department since January. He maintained the firings were not improper, but said he remembers having only an indirect role in the plans beyond approving them.
"'I have nothing to hide, and I am committed to assuring the Congress and the American public that nothing improper occurred here,' Gonzales said in prepared testimony released before he appears Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
"The panel, which oversees the Justice Department, is investigating whether the firings were politically motivated.
"'I am sorry for my missteps that have helped to fuel the controversy,' he said, [and] added: 'in hindsight, I would have handled this differently. ... Looking back, it is clear to me that I should have done more personally to ensure that the review process was more rigorous, and that each U.S. attorney was informed of this decision in a more personal and respectful way.'
In other words, your helpful Demon can't resist adding, he's copping to being the same sort of "absentee landlord" who delegates too much power to his subordinates & doesn't bother to supervise them very carefully, the very reason given for Iglesias' firing ~ the "absentee landlord" thing ~
Despite the fact that prosecutors who go to Washington to work on other projects the GOP approves do so without fear that they will lose their positions back home. The paucity of cases brought against Democrats in advance of hotly contested Congressional seats had not a thing to do with it at all.
If you believe that it did, Mr. Gonzales will turn his sad brown puppy-dog eyes upon you & beg you to forgive, in the passive voice that belies the fact that a man who speaks so softly could have come up with such a thing as the infamous torture memo, that "mistakes were made." If there were, he surely didn't have any responsibility for them.



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