Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Purge Prompts Surge ~ In Congressional Oversight, That Is

Is the dark reign of Bushco & Acolytes on the wane?

DP always likes to be right, & now it appears her fondest fantasies are about to come true. The prosecutor purge scandal seems to have the potential to unwind the sticky spiderweb by which Rove, especially, effectively ensnared every conceivable function of the federal government.
Will we be privileged enough to watch yet another scheme to hold Americans hostage to a greedy & power-hungry government unravel? (Ref. Nixon's Watergate, which DP is old enough to remember in vivid technicolor).
(I'll not mention that a whole lot of people who were connected with Nixon's corrupt administration are responsible for its dirty-trixs revival in the here & now.)

In the news today: Congress will subpoena Condoleezza Rice regarding the contention that Saddam Hussein sought enriched uranium, a key point in selling the Iraq war to terrified & gullible Americans. Also in the news: tonight PBS is airing Bill Moyers on "Buying the War."

Further in the news today: Congress is granting Monica Goodling immunity in exchange for her testimony on her role as a Baby Republicon in the partisan prosecutorial purge. (We hope she'll appear clenching in her fist the hard-won law degree from the Right Wing Christian Law School of the Holy Cereal-Boxtop variety, that being her only qualification to enter the Rove inner sanctum of extreme power politix). Let's all watch to see if a good Christian can tell the truth about Rove's involvement, or, if not, watch her facial expressions as she lies like a rug.
Article (title bar) from the WaPo: "Revival of Oversight," complemented by further commentary on the Office of Special Counsel's Mr. Bloch, who is maybe investigating Karl Rove & Mystery of the Missing e-mails. Maybe.



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