Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bush-Gonzo Mindmeld On Spying Program: We Did Nothing Wrong & We Won't Discuss It

Yesterday's testimony by James Comey, former #2 at the DOJ,that Gonzales (then Bush's counsel in the White House) & Andrew Card, formerly Bush's Chief of Staff, whom someone at the White House sent to badger & plague the very ill & heavily medicated Ashcroft in the hospital --after Ashcroft & the rest of the DOJ initially refused to sign off on the spying program they didn't think was legal --has prompted a sudden renewal of interest in the matter. It's to be hoped that, now that the program's illegitimate circumstances have come to light & the 911 hysteria has passed, someone sane will point out that there have always been means to monitor suspected terrorists, & *LEGAL*ones to boot.
The New York Times has a great account of it, done up with all the drama the encounter probably deserves. (Title bar.) Too bad nobody was paying much attention to such things at the time.
But hey, better late than never that the American public realizes how badly & consistently it's been lied to & mislead about anything & everything where this Administration is concerned. Oh, I shouldn't say that. The bare fact probably qualifies as a classified state secret. Not to mention that I will be perceived (justly) as advocating for the terrorists again.
At least, that's what I have to presume is going to be the rationale behind today's news that Gonzales, invited by letter to state if he wishes to recant his earlier testimony to Congress that nobody at the Department of Justice had a problem with the spying program when they very clearly did, as well as Bush's almost comical refusal to say anything about it when questioned by a reporter today:
"There's a lot of speculation about what happened and what didn't happen. I'm not going to talk about it."
Catch a video of the broadcast if you can. Bush visibly recoils from the reporter's audacity in asking such a direct question, & his facial expression is priceless. Clearly "the Decider" does not like having his authority to do anything he damned well pleases questioned, & particularly not by a press that was so docile & servile not so long ago.
I can hardly wait to see the movie ~ DP has a hunch that history is not going to regard this Presidency well.



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