Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"It Wasn't An Election ~ It Was An Intervention"

This is a happy dance
This is not

My oh my ~ the last two days have been very, very hard, haven't they? DP has gotten virtually no sleep.

She was up into the wee hours last night waiting for the East Coast returns, & glued to C-Span & CNN all day today, but it's safe to say now that Bushco's spanking at the polls was thorough & well-deserved.

First, Dems took the United States House of Representatives. We've been waiting with bated breath all day to see if the same would be true of the Senate as well, with Montana & Virginia thwarting our desires for instant gratification.

Montanans are a notoriously independent-thinking, proud, tough & contrarian lot who don't take instructions well ~ responsible for sending the 1st woman to Congress, in fact, in 1916, & she had the distinction of being the only vote against war in WWI. Alas, Montana had the audacity to keep the rest of us waiting (like they give a shit) to see if a Democrat, Jon Tester, would be able to take the Senate seat from Conrad Burns. Tester prevailed, we hear, by a slim 3,000 vote margin. Like I said--contrarian, & the election results prove it.

The jury is still out in Virginia (DP has no idea what that state's problem may be, much as she loves to lampoon the incumbent's rhinestone cowboy boot affectation). Democrats need both seats to control the Senate, & prevent Dick Cheney, with his particularly arrogant & unpopular views, from being the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

Then came George's 1st speech after the coup ~ & a coup it certainly was. As the New York Times reported today (title bar):

"Everything is different now for President Bush. The era of one-party Republican rule in Washington ended with a crash in yesterday’s midterm elections, putting a proudly unyielding president on notice that the voters want change, especially on the war in Iraq."

Suffice to say that George was plainly not a happy camper, & the shift from decrying a vote for Democrats just last week as a vote for terrorists & high taxes to "welcoming bipartisan government" struck me as more than a little abrupt & ungainly. It's rather simple, really. Bush & his cronies have taken the country too far to the right, & particularly, in my opinion, neglected the homefront, which is another reason they lost bigtime. Racing off to war was supposed to have the effect of distracting us & leaving us open to charges of being unpatriotic if we didn't like it. Alas, Americans aren't as gullible as Mr. Rove would like to think.

The stunner of the day, of course, was Donald Rumsfeld's resignation from the position of Secretary of Defense.

So, all in all, it's been two very long days, albeit a greatly gratifying two days.

Signing off for now,

A tired kitten


Blogger BadTux said...

Your kitty is tired. I'm tired too. I'm still trying to absorb the implications. In the meantime... hey! Look! Over there! It's a white trash divorce!

- Badtux the Tired Penguin

12:05 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Hey Badtux! Haven't heard from you in a great while. Howz that iceberg? BTW, NBC & AP called the VA election for Webb late tonight/falling asleep in my chair in front of the boob's a bad, bad addiction, it is. Tired. Must. Go. To. Bed. And. Sleep.

2:05 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Is that your kitty? Sure is a cute pic!

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

DP, Well I guess America does have a spine after all. They need to get a leash on that moron cowboy right away.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Hey y'all! News today is that Allen (R) has conceeded to Webb (D) in VA!! Democrats control the Senate, too! This has been a political ass-whipping of ginormous proportions! Moron Cowboy had better get used to that leash (great visual, Pat). The photo is not of my kitty, tho I love animals & have 2, always in danger of adopting more...I was famous as a kid for hiding stray dogs & cats in my closet, awaiting the right moment to break the news to my folks--think of kitten as a "virtual stray I just adopted, along with the Cheetah cub I found roaming around loose in cyberspace a while ago.

Hey, look over there! Britney Spears divorced K-Fed, the Brangelina is in Africa rescuing other peoples' kids as a goodwill ambassador...& some starlet is undergoing horrendously painful plastic surgery, just so we can ogle her & make her famous!

Just testing. We have to practice to keep focused on boring old-men politicians, who otherwise would run off with bags of money & ill-gotten public gains.

Not forgetting that, once upon a time, Dems were just as corrupt as the recent GOP (tho the GOP seems to have made graft & selling their offices a biz-as-usual blatant strategy in record time).

1:50 PM  
Blogger Bob P said...

Fascinating, isn't it, that the word on the lips of practically every Republican the past two days has been "bipartisan." Guess they should've considered a little across-the-aisle cooperation before. Oops!

Hope you and kitty get some Z's...

5:00 PM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Hey Bob P,

Hmmm, you'd think they'd JUST learned it, wouldn't ya?

Kitty & I got some sleep, but we're still pinching ourselves..could it really be true, & what sort of things might the Dems, powers of judgment rusty from being out in the cold so long, do to fuck it up? You can be sure that if they do, the remaining dessicated few GOP in Congress will be more than happy to blame it all on the Dems. Bipartisanship, my ass. It's just a soundbyte.

Eternally the optomist,

10:47 PM  

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