Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Weekend Special Edition ~ Dirty Trix & Politix

The biz-as-usual GOP distract-&-sling-shit- Rovian campaign dirty trix are in full swing, as is the resort to using ostensibly independent PAC groups ~ whose "independence" is as imaginary as WMD's in Iraq ~ as a front for wild attack ads funded by the Republicon National Committee.

Case in point: the ad attacking Democratic candidate Harold Ford (who is black), designed to appeal to whites' fears of miscengenation, or interracial sex. The RNC funded the ad, wherein a sexy white woman says she met Harold at a Playboy party, tells him to give her a call, & winks suggestively. Chairman of the RNC, Ken Mehlman, disowned it by claiming the RNC did not have the authority to approve the content, although it paid for the ad.

Next they'll be raping our women, or worse, marrying them & expecting to be invited over every holiday, as if they were our equals.

Let's see, what other particularly vile dirty trix have the RNC & GOP candidates had up their sleeves? Oh yes,the annoyance & loathesomeness of people forcing us all to look at & think about their debilitating diseases & handicaps--I covered GOP shill Rush Limbaugh's attacks on Michael Fox the other day--Fox says, by the way, he was not off his meds at the time (in fact, he's at a point of diminishing returns which happens to Parkinson's patients although they take their meds faithfully, or so it is said.) Fox adds that if he got the message across, & polls say he did, it was worth the savaging he received at the fat bloated idiot's hands. (No, I certainly don't mind pointing out that Rush has, or has had, weight, chronic substance abuse & chronic blowhard problems so as to assure he gets a taste of his own medicine--lame pun intended).

And elsewhere, we see a report of a debate between candidates so fierce & out of control that the Republican shouted at the Democrat, "If you weren't sitting in that wheelchair, I'd bitch-slap you right now" ~ er, loose paraphrase. I don't even remember who the candidates were, what state, or what the hell they were arguing about, but the Repug coming so unglued as to threaten her opponent with physical violence was quite memorable.

Don't forget the badly dressed, cud-chawing, influence-peddling, non-kosher, probably racist Republican rhinestone cowboy out of Virginia, Senator Allen, who's being challenged by Jim Webb. Webb sounds like a colorful & spirited character. He's served in the military & changed parties seems like half a dozen times, besides writing novels. A versatile & interesting person-- even more interesting because some of his writing has contained racy passages, which Allen reportedly read on the radio.

We like Webb just because: he promptly fired back that at least he wasn't trying to appeal to the purely prurient interest by imaging hot lesbian unrequited love scenes--unlike First Vice-President Lady Lynne Cheney did in her novel. (Um, I thought that was the objection, anyway.)

I think he should have added that at least it was fiction, not actual messages to hot-boy pages.

There's something to be said about having the decency to keep your thoughts about sex on a page rather than trying to inveigle a page into actually performing said acts with you.

A big, big difference.


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