Thursday, October 26, 2006

Syrians No Longer Agitate For Democratic Government, Thanks To US Antics In Iraq

Alongside news reports today that October has so far been the deadliest month for Iraq, another report demonstrating what is perhaps the most damning failure of Bush's "visionary" fantasy of democracy's allure to the backwards denizens living under Medieval oppressive rule in Syria & other countries in the Middle East.

"Horror at the bloodshed accompanying the U.S. effort to bring democracy to Iraq has accomplished what human rights activists, analysts and others say Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had been unable to do by himself: silence public demands for democratic reforms here."

Seems Syrians who formerly advocated democracy have indeed learned an important lesson about democracy from watching what's been going on in Iraq under U.S. occupation & have decided they don't want it--the exact opposite of the lesson George opined they'd learn. (Title bar.)

The question now, it seems to me, is how many generations will it take to undo the damage in the Middle East that the rash & arrogant "unilateral war" policies advocated by hawkish Neocons with no real experience of, or respect for the tolls of war, hath wrought?

"Bomb them into submission to democracy" hasn't exactly produced very good results so far. Nice fantasy, though.


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