Friday, October 06, 2006

He's Baaack ~ Herr Uber-Decider

Demon Princess is often of two minds regarding George Bush. One mind says he's moronically arrogant (so sit still, I tell myself, & enjoy the show while he self-destructs).

The other says he's a very scary megalomaniacal dictator-in-training who knows no limits, which is often reflected in public actions & statements so dizzyingly brash, obnoxious & patently hostile to democratic government I have a hard time believing that I still live in America when he comes up with this crazy stuff.

Today it was the announcement that doesn't consider that he has to obey a law he just signed (the old signing statement trick again) having to do with Homeland Security's obligation to report to Congress. The law requires that that privacy concerns be handled by a privacy officer, & that the officer report to Congress. Only the privacy officer was to have authority to alter or delay the report. (Title bar.)

Au contraire, says Bush. L'etat, c'est moi, & I can withhold any information as I see fit. You'll see what I want you to see. I'll edit those reports if I want.

Is anybody--especially Congress--falling for that discredited "just trust me, I'm the President" bullshit anymore?


Anonymous Tom Baker said...

The guy gets scarier with every turn. And the sad part is I think he thinks he’s the good guy!

1:32 PM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

What's up with that? Delusion, denial, both?

Personal experience has taught me that it's always the ones who have just behaved ATROCIOUSLY (lying, cheating, using, betraying, controlling, dissing, deliberate mindfucks & lying some more) who'll turn around the next opportunity & tell you:

"I am a good guy."


Must be an automatic psychological defense mechanism. When does it become full-blown schitzophrenia. Always makes me want to ask, "Whose life are you ruining now, Mr. 'good guy'?"

I imagine the diagnosis depends entirely whether they actually believe their own lies (still sane, just evil) or really have gone around the bend & can't distinguish lies from truth anymore. But, either way, the result is the same--they ruin other peoples' lives & apparently don't care that they've blown the trust.

I gather that in Congress' case, they haven't particularly cared. Politix is politix. I hope that's not so with the voters. We'll see.

1:59 PM  

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