Monday, September 25, 2006

File This Under Payback Is A Bitch

1. Pretty funny. President Clinton smacks down Fox News Sunday. And shows 'em all how a President is supposed to act under fire on enemy territory. With grace, class & style. Facts help, too.

As another blogosphere wag says, "Where can we get one like that?"

Partisan Brains On Boil: and furthermore, explaining why people who only watch Fox have partisan hardening-of-the-cerebral arteries. Perhaps, you, too, have learned that it's useless to try to talk sense to them. Why they always act shocked when they get their own hostile incivility, loud ranting & schoolyard name-calling thrown back in their faces I don't for the life of me know.

2. Also today in the PIAB Department:

Leaked intelligence document says, contrary to what Bush would have us believe (hold your breath), invading Iraq has caused more terrorist problems than it solved. Hell, I coulda tolja that. In fact, I believe I have, over & over again.


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