Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gonzales Lectures Incipient States On "Rule Of Law"


Demon Princess is just back from a sojourn in the wilderness where she communed with wild deer, osprey, kingfishers, owls, & eagles (and sighted the common rubber-footed human shopping booby known to prowl the conveniently situated factory outlet mall about 15 miles beyond the wooded paradise from which streetlights, computers & land-line telephones are banned. ) She also indulged in canoeing, bikeriding, & walking quiet forest paths by day & by night, drinking some very excellent margaritas mixed by an expert who grew up in a region where they know how a margarita is supposed to taste & otherwise had a really good time amongst family members she hasn't seen, er, some of whom she hasn't seen, well... ever. In other words, since they were born, from 2 to 34 years ago. With the occasional new husband thrown in for good measure. A very good time was had by all. The Demon clan is a very close one, I believe it goes without saying.

And lo, what should greet her upon her return to civilization & very first foray into the news but this hilarious bit of comedic styling from one of her very favorite Bush Admin funnymen...well, besides King George himself.

'Berto apparently journeyed all the way to Baghdad to deliver a lecture on the importance of observing the "rule of law--hehe" to the land Bush, Cheney & he, by their policies, have rendered completely chaotic, out of control, and oh, by the way, lawless. (But profitable for war profiteers, so who cares, right?)

That background stuff stuff about destitute & desperate Iraqis accidentally blowing up a pipeline they were trying to tap illegally the same day was not entirely without irony, but using taxpayers' money to send Alberto Gonazles to lecture anyone regarding the rule of law, let alone the people of a country where torture was justified by his equally tortured logic defies any logic at all and totally boggles my mind. Definitely the most ironic and funniest stunt of all. (Title bar.)

"U.S. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales spoke to reporters after a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih. Gonzales said the two discussed the use of 'extraordinary measures' to deal with terrorists, criminals and prisoners.

"'It is sometimes a difficult decision to make, as to what is the appropriate line, what is allowed under the law, under the constitution,' Gonzales said. "The path the Iraqi officials will take will be a decision made by the Iraqi government, but we emphasize the importance of the rule of law.' He did not elaborate.

"Gonzales played a key role in drafting detention policies that many critics say led to the torture of suspected terrorists and other detainees. He wrote a 2002 Justice Department memo that narrowed the definition of torture and argued that President Bush could override anti-torture laws in some cases.

"When asked to distinguish between the kinds of torture he authorized and the kinds being carried out in Iraq by militias with ties to governing parties, Gonzales appeared taken aback.

'It is against the law," he said. 'We have a domestic law prohibiting torture. There are international prohibitions against torture. We are a party to the convention against torture. The president has been very, very clear: This government does not engage in torture.'

Send this man back to law school for an eternity--that should be sufficient punishment. He clearly does not remember that he has gotten it wrong.


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