Friday, August 25, 2006

Flying While Orange

Mount Rainier, WA, from plane window

Sheesh, wouldncha know it? Of all times to be flying, yours D.P. truly has to do so while a code orange terror alert is in effect.

Somewhat annoying what with all the paranoia about anything liquid: gels, shampoo, lipstick, conditioner, deoderant. A whole lot of stinky passengers if their luggage got lost, since none of these items could be carried on. Fortunately, didn't happen to me.

And by golly, most airports were not that freaked out about the whole "heightened alert" hysteria. Hmm.

Had a wonderful time--clear skies, sunny all the time & warm even after the sun went down. (Novel experience for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest.) Brilliant clear & close stars in the night sky. Dry heat, beautiful mountains, great music, good company.

As I'm off again tomorrow, will catch up on anything interesting--e.g., the ACLU-NSA case when I get back. Begging your pardon. It's not that matters political aren't still pissing me off; it's that they'll just have to wait for a moment.


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