Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Weekend Special Edition ~ GOP & Gays

Yes, it's Demon Prince-a-pessa's favorite holiday of the entire year (seriously).

Normally she'd be in New Orleans, where they really know how to throw a masquerade party, most especially on Halloween, but since she's still in tragically hip & painfully self-conscious Seattle, she might as well mourn the fact that she is & get over it. And ever since Katrina, New Orleans is a neglected third world country full of macacas the GOP feels it can safely ignore. She doubts the 9th Ward even has reliable electricity yet.

But in celebration of the audacious spirit that really IS Halloween, she'd like to open this Halloween Weekend Special Edition of with a special tribute to the girls who play dress-up like no others.

And she is absolutely dying to ask: gay men ~ GOP?? Closeted gay men deliberately joining the Republican party? What were you guys thinking?


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