Thursday, November 23, 2006

Demon Princess's Holiday Gift Shopping Gift Guide

Those of you who, unlike Demon Princess, have their shit together & have already done their Christmas shopping won't be needing this handy-dandy holiday gift guide. So go away. You organized-holiday-people sicken me.

But for those of you for whom the holidays wouldn't be the same without a certain amount of creative choas, like me, or who are merely into stretching the delicious challenge that only concerted procrastination can deliver, now would be the time to at least start thinking about it.

So, as Demon Princess sails into the wild blue yonder & leaves you with nothing really to do for the next week or so, I encourage you to peruse the following pages of interesting gifts, for the Holiday Shopping Season is officially upon us. Thanks to DP's innate sense of fun & talent for finding amusing ways to spend money, here is her Holiday Gift Shopping Guide:

Curious George Commemoration Dashboard Hula Doll: $6.99

Other Budget-Oriented Fun: Bumperstickers from

Too Stupid to be President License Plate Frame: $12.99

Religious Items & Manly War Games

Jesus loves you (unless) /Jihad fer Christ & Bong Hits for Jesus Bumperstickers: $4.49 (free shipping)

Toys & Dolls
Farting Bush Doll: $19.99

Mugs, magnets & stickers & T's:
Kill some time at work ~ full list of virtual Awol.Bush action figures:

Voodoo Items & Target Practice

Erudite Reading Materials, Clothing & Underwear


Bush: State of Denial

The Dick T-shirt from

T's & Art Prints from Mark Bryan:



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