Wednesday, July 05, 2006

War IS Hell

And that's why America should be very careful about waging it (unprovoked) willy-nilly.

The engineering of a Teflon Wartime Presidency hasn't gone as well as planned for the Bushcons. But Bush & Cheney, having no experience of war themselves, wouldn't be able to empathize with the daily situations they've created for so many others.

Here we present a confused & deranged (seriously) former soldier--center--being arrested for the brutal rape & murder, quite possibly a premeditated act of revenge, of a beautiful 15-year-old Iraqi girl.

Allegedly she & her family were targeted, monitored & watched (she passed through an American checkpoint daily) before this man & his soldier pals burst into the family home & pushed family members aside. Two of them proceeded to rape her, murder her, & shoot the rest of the family. All civilians.

The atrocity is a suspected vendetta plotted & carried out in retaliation for the earlier deaths of soldiers from the same company. The civilians murdered here, however, seem to have had nothing to do with the earlier deaths.

The disturbed-looking suspect had received an honorable discharge for an unspecified mental condition & was back in the States at the time of his arrest.


Blogger Paul said...

Princess, the 2 soldiers who were recently kidnapped, tortured and beheaded were from the same squadron as the rapists. However, the rape happened first and the kidnapping, torturing and beheading were most likely done in retribution for the rape/murder. It's getting harder to "support the troops" knowing that so many of them are really brutal bullies who joined the service to kick ass as opposed to the more socially acceptable "serving the country".

5:53 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Hey Paul,

Well, if I've got it backwards, I'll fess up. The initial report I saw wasn't clear about what atrocity preceeded the other, so I researched it & thought I found a news report that was clear that the killing of the GI's happened 1st. Maybe there are 3 incidents in what's becoming an endless cycle of vengeance killings? (In any event, taking it out so brutally on a 15 year old civilian girl isn't exactly the way to win Iraqi "hearts & minds," is it?

I'll look into it when I have more time. Thanks, Paul :)

2:57 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

The family of the victims initially kept quiet about the rape/murder because of the social stigma associated with the crime. It only came to light during interviews with the soldiers after the the kidnapping. A good example of Poe's "tell tale heart".
Here's a quote from the most recent reference I've seen to it.......

"Only after an act of grotesque counter-barbarism — the torture and beheading of two American soldiers from the very same unit — did a guilt-ridden fellow soldier spill the beans about the Mahmoudiya atrocity, during a post-beheading session with a stress counselor".

7:49 PM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

I stand corrected. In today's news an Al-Queda group claimed it killed the American soldiers in retaliation for the rape.

So, the rape & murder of the girl & her family was completely unprovoked.

2:04 AM  

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