Saturday, June 24, 2006

And Now, From Michelle Malkin, Champion Bitch of Republicon Disingenuity:

A woman who, Demon Princess notes, purports to be a former member of the press corps. Poster child for false consciousness?

She has an incredible amount of these truly inane "posters" on her site, days after the New York Times had the balls to out yet another covert spying program. I know, it’s exhausting trying to keep track of them all. And we don’t yet know about all of them.

I’d like to add that, if she had any reporter balls herself, she’d realize that Bushco is all about exaggerating the threat posed by terrorists to lock us all down, & that there’s a legal way, has been a legal, very liberal *oops, dirty word* forgiving way to do that from the government’s point of view, for some time.

But still they ignore it. That’d acknowledge that they have to prove a connection to terrorism to avoid trampling the civil rights of the innocent. But since even people who dare speak out on every & any cause they champion--namely, keeping themselves in power, whatever it takes—we’re all suspect.

Tell me, Michelle, what’d you get for turning that ragged & tattered soul in? D'ya think it's as much as Coulter did?

Sure hope it proves to be worth it. I suspect not.

P.S. I doubt we'll need the Times to out undercover CIA agents. The Bushcons are doing a fine job of that all by themselves. Only one of them is out of commission as a result of it. Don't fret.


Blogger dusty said...

I love that poster..its funny as hell. Let me tell you why :)

The Shrub has had untold number of years to find BinLaden by breaking the law. He has been data mining phone numbers and calls. He has been systimatically keeping track of every financial transaction...all this with superccomputers and the help of our telco's. Has he found anyone..ANYONE of merit?

No, of course not. He hasn't found anyone..unless you count those fruitcakes down in Miami recently. So, if he hasn't found Bin Laden by using all those illegal methods by now..what friggin harm will it do to let Osama know what the "keystone cops" are up to?

The Shrub and his minions should be ashamed that the info of their dealings have leaked out ONLY because it shows their inability to to anything right. I think silently that is their fear..we know see what a bunch of nimrods are running things..they can't find their collective ass with both hands..and its seriously pathetic.

I love that malkin poster..I can't go to her sickens me to read her bullshit.But I might now..just to download these snarky posters :)

Another good post my dear Princess!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Thank you, lady D!

How I managed to avoid her this long is a mystery to me-her bio says she once worked as a journalist here in Seattle, musta been before I got here. But recently I see her blog posted all over the place.

Yikes, scary woman! (Notwithstanding the very flattering Imelda-school of beauty "butter wouldn't melt, etc." portrait on her site, I've seen some not-so-flattering pix elsewhere, face twisted with rage).

Anyway, she also has photos of every soldier whose lost lives on her site, & looking at their faces, I can't help but feel really badly--so young, such a waste. Does she not see that too? I suppose not. Disconnect. I daresay she sees their sacrifices being for a just cause. Erp. So sad.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

(Sorry, for some reason I could only see the latter part of your post, so responded to it first.)

And, oh yes! Definitely agree with your estimation of the inability to find Bin Laden until last Thursday. The Miami thing "home grown terrorists" was just silly (pathetic kids). Bushco is really scraping there. Still, they trumpet it as if it was a MAJOR achievement. Yikes.

9:14 AM  

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