Thursday, June 15, 2006

We Have A Winner!!

In the contest to give a personal face to the Global War on Terror, for the newly vacant post of Al-Queda Evil Demon Mastermind in Iraq, of course. And our reason d’etre for being there.

We appointed & hereby give you this guy. Just this guy. But it will take years to hunt him down & exterminate him. He's that evil.

Read all about him here:

Demon Princess apologizes to everyone out there if it seems she is trivializing the war effort, or the daily trials & tribulations of soldiers stationed there. She is most decidedly not doing that.

Rather, she’s holding up to ridicule the mindfucks & political machinations which have brought us, collectively, to this point. It’s been a massive overdose of propaganda built on very little, since the very beginning, & has served the GOP so well…that, guess what: in today’s news, Congress voted NOT to withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year, largely to drive a wedge of clear difference between those pesky Dems & themselves. Giving the GOP a grand & glorious reason to keep pounding those drums of fear & loathing in the Eternal War on Terror!

Hey, since they’re all about staging this show for us, Demon Princess thinks the least we can do is sit back & enjoy it! Get me a beer from the ‘fridge. I intend to enjoy the spectacle.


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