Thursday, June 29, 2006

Git Along Little Doggies~Gitmo

My, my, my--the hue & the cry!

The Bushcons are really outraged that the Supreme Court sent them back to the drawing board, & further challenged them to come up with something that doesn't violate the Geneva Conventions or the Military Code of Justice.

All day on TV, on every channel, some GOP talkin' head is talkin' about it.

I liked this tidbit from Tony Snow, reported by BBC:

"At the White House, spokesman Tony Snow underlined the administration's resistance to abandoning the special courts.

'Nobody gets a get out of jail free card'," he said.

Nobody, except, of course, Karl Rove.


Blogger dusty said...

Love your last line..

I had to sit for an hour at my doctors office the day of the ruling. He's quite frankly a rightwingnutjob.He has four tv's ,one in each corner of the waiting room. THEY ARE ALL ON FAUX NEWS..ALL THE FUCKING TIME.Try sitting through that crap every time you have to go to the orthopod..its enough to make me slit my wrists.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Demon Princess said...

Crikey, Dusty...I feel for you.

If I had a doctor like that, I'd probably be tempted to perform open-heart surgery on myself with a butter knife than have to patronize him!

Don't go, Dusty! We need you!

6:54 PM  

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