Monday, June 09, 2008

Kucinich Introduces Articles Of Impeachment

Update: Why Not Impeach Bush? Oh yeah. Dana Milbank reminds us why we should be grateful the Articles of Impeachment seem destined to die in the Judiciary Committee.

"Why so unwilling to impeach Bush? As Democratic leaders like to say, two words: Dick Cheney. At this late stage in his presidency, Bush can still feel confident that his job is secure, if only because his foes are so terrified of the man who would succeed him. " Dana cites a speech given by Cheney today at the Chamber of Commerce.

(Again?) Bless 'is 'eart. Raw Story carries the video, which aired today on C-Span.

Don't see the MSM even bothering to report it, do you?

Click here to see it:


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