Monday, April 28, 2008

Still Waiting For An Apology...And Waiting...And Waiting

Ill: Mark Byran
with permission
MSM TV News Still Hasn't Properly Acknowledged Being Duped by Pentagon For-Profit Propaganda Stooges
Your Demon can't say she's surprised, but really ~ aren't they just the wee bit interested in maintaining the appearance of journalistic integrity and trustworthiness?
I've been interested in any follow-ups to the New York Times article first published a week ago (see below), but of the offenders, only ABC and CNN have attempted to address their miserable failures to not only report the news truthfully but to ask some questions in the furtherance of investigative journalism.
Not forthcoming, even from ABC and CNN. Rather, ABC buried its very brief acknowledgment in investigative reporter Brian Ross' pages, and promptly scurried to point out that the Pentagon has its own news channel. And, er, your point was, Brian? There's a hell of a difference between an ostensibly "real" television news network parading Rummy's pumped-up-on-war profits bellicose retired generals as "independent" analysts by ABC (covertly) and the Pentagon having its own network, where the average joe with two working brain cells would expect to encounter happy news about Iraq and would, heaven forfend, know enough to take it with a grain of salt.
CNN, which is behaving more and more like a subsidiary of Fox everyday with regard to election coverage (imitating the peurile gossipy salacious tone of same, I should say), also briefly acknowledged its participation in the hoodwinking of the masses.
But all the others remain conspicuously silent, Kremlin-like. They've apparently adopted the GOP-SOP: if it's bad news for us, ignore it. Americans, after all, have notoriously short attention spans and a high appetite for whatever transient fancy appears on their screens. Lay low, be quiet and it'll all be forgotten by the next newscycle.
Or maybe they got assurances from Bushco ~ a plan to head it off. Never mind it's the same old, same old ~ announce the program is being suspended, and, later, resume it when nobody's really paying attention. Worked with torture and spying, after all.
Bonus tidbit on NPR: Pentagon propaganda extends even to third-graders' Weekly Readers:
Do something: FreePress, a nonpartisan group for media reform, has an action campaign aimed at launching a Congressional investigation. Wait for the section tilted "Progaganda Pundits" to appear on the left.

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