Sunday, June 01, 2008

Clinton Democrats Endeavor To Snatch Defeat From Jaws Of Victory

Some Hillary Supporters Threaten to Vote for McCain; Harold Ickes Tosses Hissy Fit."Disenfranchisement," "Popular Vote," Become New Pro-Hillary Battle Themes

Will Rogers said it a long time ago, and it's still true: "I'm not a member of any organized political party ~ I'm a Democrat."

What a sad and debilitating circus for the Democratic party, and one that lends more than a little credence to what guest Pastor Pfleger of Obama's (now former) church in Chicago lampooned as Hillary Clinton's sense of "entitlement," especially after the DNC rule-makers all got together and decided to seat the delegates of the contested Florida and Michigan primaries, albeit with just half the votes they would have had otherwise IF THOSE STATES HAD FOLLOWED THEIR OWN PARTY'S RULES.

Seems to your Demon, that, as Donna Brasile noted, if Hillary had followed through on her promise to play by the rules in Florida and Michigan, where voters were told well in advance that their votes wouldn't matter if they insisted on defying party rules about not trying to race around and cut in line ahead of other states without waivers from the DNC to do so, she couldn't now be accused (justly) of whining that the rules should be changed to benefit her.
I watched the raucous event in its entirety on C-Span. All I have to say is *tsk tsk*
While Floridians claim that it was the Republican majority in that state who somehow conspired to move the Democratic primary ahead and thereby violate the DNC's rules, an argument I'm inclined to empathize with, the Michigan primary is another matter altogether. Both surviving Democratic presidential candidates agreed that they wouldn't run in that particular "beauty contest," but only Obama withdrew his name from the ballot. Some are saying that it was a deliberate dirty double-cross on Hillary's part; I won't go that far, but it is certainly a cynical and disingenuous move on Hillary's campaign's part to now quibble over the amount of delegate half-votes that should be awarded to Obama.
Your Demon can only roll her eyes everytime she hears one of the Hillary camp's attempts to tap into the residual anger over the Bush-Gore outrage by loudly asserting that she has "won" the popular vote, or again with Ickes' line yesterday accusing the DNC Rules Committee of "hijacking" votes.
"The Clinton campaign’s popular vote tally includes zero votes for Mr. Obama in the Michigan primary, where his name was not on the ballot although his supporters were urged to vote for 'uncommitted.'
"The campaign will begin airing an ad tomorrow touting touting Senator Clinton’s popular vote tally."
More Little White Hillary Lies After Puerto Rico
Bloomberg just reported that voter turnout was low, and that Clinton's win has failed to revive her bid. Despite that, "Clinton's supporters argue that she is winning the popular vote. Yet going into Puerto Rico, she trailed Obama by more than 275,000 votes. Those figures include the votes in Florida, where the candidates agreed not to campaign. They don't include the results from Michigan, where the candidates didn't campaign and Obama took his name off the ballot.
"In Puerto Rico, Clinton scored a net gain of less than 150,000 votes, leaving Obama with an overall lead of 125,000, more than enough to offset any gains she may make in South Dakota or Montana.
"Clinton yesterday continued to predict she would win the most popular votes, though such assertions aren't likely to carry much weight after this weekend.
"'I will lead in the popular vote; he will maintain a slight lead in the delegates,'' she said at a rally in San Juan, Puerto Rico, adding that the race would come down to the superdelegates."
And yes, there is a plethora of things wrong the American system of presidential elections, never-ending fundraising and the need of the "big" states to push ahead in defiance of party rules just to assure the rest of us will have to live with their candidate selections chief among them, but I'm tired of the cyncism, dirty trix, and divisiveness.
Hillary, you did this to yourself (on so many levels). For future reference, I'm square in the middle of "your" demographic, and wasn't fully decided until just now. These recent maneuvers and your previous record on the war, together with the "centrist" appeasement strategies your husband's administration adopted toward the Neocons, and your apparent strong streak of self-aggrandizement (not, unfortunately, unknown to anyone who's been to law school ~ but it remains the one thing I hate most in fellow lawyers, most particularly if the claims are demonstrably untrue).
You are not "entitled" to the Crown just because you want it. And your "do anything to win" mindset ~ even if it includes the weakening of your own party and your supporters threatening to throw the most important Presidential election in history if we are to restore the rule of law and some shred of our standing/moral authority worldwide post-Bushco blunders to McBush III reminds me too much of the Republicons, who, notwithstanding, must be laughing their arses off right now. Thanks!



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