Monday, March 10, 2008

Rove Is Gone (In Theory) But Homages Abound

Ohio Republicans "cross over" temporarily in effort to throw the vote for Clinton as suggested by Limbaugh because everyone knows the lunatic right will vote for McCain over her.
~ Isn't tampering with votes supposed to be a crime? Rush Limbaugh and his deluded acolytes in Ohio don't seem to realize it, or don't care ~
A weird piece in a Cleveland paper shows that fans of Rush Limbaugh and his hate-spew radio show took part in "a plot" to try to throw the Ohio elections by cross-dressing as Democrats, but only temporarily ~ on the theory that Clinton would be easier for McCain to beat in the Presidential elections than Obama. Ohio election officials assure us there weren't enough voters (who would admit it, not surpringly, because I'm pretty sure it's a crime to try to influence elections this way~ but where's your Demon's head today? Still stuck in the Bad Ol' Librul Days Before Bushworld, apparently)~ to succeed in throwing the election to Clinton, really. So I guess there's no need for a do-over.
In any event, two poll workers in their '70's, staunch Republicans, cheerfully admitted to the paper they'd assisted other Republicans with the cross-registration process, or at least didn't challenge the really transparent registrations, some following the Great White Leader's example by attaching their own "signing statements." The elderly pranksters then went on to cross over and vote the same way themselves!
And all this time your Demon thought the GOP was supposed to be the law-and-order party! Apparently there's now an exception when trying to save the country from damnation and demonic liberals. Let us call it "the Limbaugh Rule."

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