Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Long, Mr. Bush

~ Did anyone out there in TV Land really pay any attention to POTUS'S last SOTU adress? Me neither ~
Your Demon admits to having walked past the TV several times & to listening from the kitchen, but admit it ~ after almost 8 years of the fellow, even the sound of his voice makes ya cringe, doesn't it?
And I really can't help, every time I have to bear witness to his latest stupid stunts ~ never mind watch him deliver a speech as the President with the glowering evil visage of Dick Cheney perched over his shoulder ~ I can't help but think, if only the Democrats had had the spine to start investigations with an eye to impeachment, I wouldn't have to witness the sorry spectacle, & the entire world would be with me in breathing a huge sigh of relief ("those arrogant, crazy, politically-highjacked Americans have come to their senses, finally!") That's my dream, anyway.
But the disappointing reality is that they're still in office, & predictably, Bush used most of his time to continue the relentless pounding on the drums of war. Really, those two won't be satisfied until the entire Middle East is engulfed in flames.
I kept hollering from the kitchen, "Has he talked about the economy yet?" I must have lost interest entirely before he got to it, because I wandered off, yet the press accounts say he did. Seemed to me NOT to be the focus, though. And no wonder.
History is going to judge Bushco harshly, & deservedly so. Along with spineless Democrats who could've done something but didn't~they'll fare no better, I'm guessing.
Your Demon was somewhat comforted to read this newsbit titled, "Congress Unlikely to Buy Bush Proposals" early this morning:
"A Democratic Congress is poised to heed President Bush's call to help save the economy, but may not give him much else after a State of the Union speech that recycled many of the administration's past initiatives.
"A lame duck president called again for immigration reform, an end to lawmakers' pet projects, control of Social Security spending and making tax cuts permanent. Democrats have rejected those Bush initiatives before..."
And Think Progress was on the ball with a piece debunking the Bushco favorite mythologies presented in his State of the Union address, claim for claim.
Even your Demon thinks it is tiresome beyond belief that Bush still thinks we're that stupid. He's still following the Rovian advice that got him elected in the 1st place ~ "repeat silly propaganda-talking-points- endlessly-until -enough- dumbbells-believe- them-to -be true" ~ hence the boast that that whole crew were "above the reality-based community."

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