Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Pre-Election Malaise Edition

Things and people your Demon is unspeakably sick of, in no particular order:

Democratic party superdelegates who can ignore popular votes if they wanna.

"Superdelegates Get Campaign Cash:"
Caucus results unverifiable in any event:

Complete and total inattention to the fact that the entire election system is still broken:
Diebold machines still crash erratically:
GOP-backed election laws may hinder student and minority voters:

Presidential candidates who refuse to disclose campaign financing ~ McCain and Clinton.

Whiners on Wall Street arguing against desperately needed regulation in economic markets even as members of their breed hold extravagant 1929-style parties in Vegas. "Creators of Credit Crisis Revel in Vegas":

Credit card companies who benefit by fed interest rate cuts turn around and raise interest rates on consumers, preferably seniors on fixed incomes.
Oh, come on now! You didn't really think the rate cuts were meant to "trickle down" to benefit YOU, didja? Funny, your credit card issuer thinks otherwise.

Antonin Scalia, bombastic blowhard from hell, cares not that he reveals himself (again) to be the most unprofessional and perhaps unethical person to sit on the Supreme Court in recent memory. He continues to opine inappropriately on matters he'll soon have to decide on the bench, in open defiance of the basic legal supposition that judges who have already made up their minds before a case is argued before them should step aside and not pretend they're neutral.
Can you say "Banana Republic," kittens? Don't look for a sudden seizure of conscience from Scalia ~ he's proved over and over again that he doesn't have one. What, deprive posterity of his prejudged opinions? Never!

Karl Rove has resurfaced as contributor to John McCain, who's taken to lauding Roves's "brilliance" and proclaims he'd be happy to get the great one's advice. Karl Rove is a two bit hustler, a chiseller, and master of nothing but dumpster-diving dirty trix in politix. Dressing him up this way is the proverbial putting lipstick on an ugly pig. Stay in retirement, Karl ~ we want to hear no more of your nastiness.

Republicans who remain in deep denial about Bush's miserable failures as Preznit, and particularly the bone-headed memes that super-secret lying, spying and torture have somehow made us safer. They are so numerous I can't name just one. They're interchangeable, ubiquitious, and uniformly make me want to retch.

Presidential candidates selling their souls for power, especially John McCain gratefully assuming the mantle of Preznit Bush's Botched War on Terra.
Thus we see absolute proof of the old adage that politix makes strange bedfellows indeed ~ a man who was tortured himself in Vietnam and who has always stood against it now appears to be ready to take up where Bush leaves off, and gets the shameful amateurish mess Georgie AWOL-boy has made of everything dumped in his lap.
We especially like Bushco's new nonsensical argument that sending in a team of interrogators to feed shots of Starbuck's to and make nice with detainees can sanitize testimony previously extracted by torture.
Oh, and never mind that it's taken 8 years to finally bring them to trial. We had to set up the kangaroo courts first, and to ensure Justice Scalia has had ample time to reach prejudgment before we can bring them to "justice."


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