Friday, May 05, 2006

When The Love Affair Sours & The Abuse Begins

It always starts with small things that you try to overlook, & ends with a huge kick in the ass that you really can't ignore, don't we know it.

It's not about love; it's about power, Congress. Yes, we know you're feeling duped, deceived, betrayed & lost, but you MUST pick yourselves up & find a way to go on.

It's full-blown infidelity now, there's no going back. For our sakes, you must go on, because you know, when this becomes a pattern, there's no cure.

Especially you, Arlen--we sense that you're bogged down in that dangerously foggy frame of mind where you know what you have to do, & have even made some noise about it, but what you really want is to be able to return to that glow of being able to believe.

Trust us, if you don't stand up now & insist on being treated with the respect you deserve, there's no hope ever of restoring the love. It has to be on mutual, co-equal terms, & if he doesn't get it, well, he just doesn't.

This op-ed running in the LA Times today is one of the most e-mailed, seems to have struck a chord.

Some excerpts that particularly tickled Demon Princess's funny bone:

"Anyway, it wasn't as if the Republicans in Congress never got any flowers. What do you call those tax cuts?

"But weakness and appeasement only escalate the abuse. Consider the White House's practice of attaching 'signing statements' to legislation when the president doesn't feel like obeying a law. For instance, in 2005, Congress passed legislation requiring that 'scientific information … prepared by government researchers … shall be transmitted [to Congress] uncensored and without delay.' The president said, 'Sure, Honey!' and promised to sign the bill. But later, when no one was looking, he added a statement insisting that he could order researchers to withhold any information that might "impair … the deliberative processes of the executive."

The LA Times will probably require registration, but it's worth it to access this funny piece. (Click on the title bar.) And then you can send it to all your friends.


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