Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Gospel According To Scooter

Photo: Slate, which terms Libby a "neocon's neocon"

The Gospel According to Scooter (title bar) and its disturbing similarities to the newly discovered "Judas Gospel" are revealed in a dream which was conveniently translated from the Coptic in the transmission, now in print courtesy of The Nation.

Have we been wrong in our reading of the events surrounding Lewis Called Scooter, as we were wrong about Judas all these many years?

Nah, I think not.

I'm also more than happy to turn to a religious leader for a rationale, to hide behind the wise statements of an evangelist with whom I actually agree. (Demon Princess lays claim to any source of wisdom & inspiration she happens upon, despite her evil-sounding nom-de-plume.)

Jim Wallis, responsible for Sojourners, an organization Demon Princess in fact endorses because they refuse to believe Jesus would ignore the poor or fail to feed the hungry, never mind applaud militarism, says "God is not partisan."

Wallis, author of a book entitled, "God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It," asserts that "God is not partisan; God isn't a Republican or a Democrat. That should be clear, but it isn't clear in America today."

In an interview with the Omaha Herald, Wallis said that "Although religion has an important role in American politics, he is no fan of the way it has been used by political conservatives."

In fact, he says, "The religious right has tried to hijack religion for very narrow and partisan purposes."

"But if the right has been overly influenced by religious fundamentalists, the left has been too controlled in recent times by a group of secular fundamentalists."

The latter, he opines, have "lost their moral vocabulary," ceding it instead to Republicans who use it to hammer hot-button issues like gay marriage and pro-life (also wryly commenting in a separate radio interview that the unborn should stay that way as long as possible, since once a baby's born, the GOP completely loses interest in its fate).

So, no, we do not credit the Scooter gospels.

Let the stoning begin.


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