Saturday, April 29, 2006

Handy Dick Cheney Print-Out Target

He's the personification of evil, some say puppetmaster to Bush's finger puppet.

Here's your big opportunity, provided free for all the world's enjoyment, courtesy of ANIMAL, an all-about-art organization in New York. ANIMAL publishes a magazine which interviewed my fave painter, Mark Bryan, about his rendition of Dick Cheney, "Dick." (Featured in "Revolution in the Air: Another Spook Talks" blog entry below.)

Mark told me about it today, and I've requested permission to share the interview with y'all, forthcoming as soon as I get it.

But while we're all waiting & to fend off boredom in the meantime, print out this cool poster of the Dick & use it as target practice for the weapons of your choice: darts, bows-&-arrows, revolvers, submachine guns...

Just click on the title bar to download your very own. No, I haven't yet figured out how to post a link in this blog any other way. It's something of a minor miracle that I got THAT far.



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