Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weird News

Go, grannies, go! Photo: New York Times

Hey folks, just testing your knowledge of legal trivia.

Would you think it would be illegal for a bunch of grandmothers to volunteer to join the service? On what grounds, if so?

Seems that's what they got arrested for in New York. Their trial was today.

Eighteen women who term themselves "grannies," (although, the New York Times dutifully notes, not ALL of them really are--"a few do not have grandchildren"--but do concede that all are old enough).

"They are on trial for, as Judge Ross put it in a casual aside, 'protesting,' and more specifically, protesting the war in Iraq, by sitting outside the Times Square military recruiting center last October."

Seems they were blocking the door with their silly selves, & that warranted arrest for disorderly conduct.

The judge, who clearly has some sense, aquitted them.

See, I tolja this Administration has NO sense of humor (no sense of shame, either), & I fully expect they'll be coming for me next.

I'm not a grandmother, but I could be, if they'd leave me alone.


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