Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"I'm The Decider": Bushism of the Day

Doctored Photo, Illustration (c) The Worried Shrimp

"I'm the decider, and I decide what is best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense," about the calls for Rumsfeld's resignation from people who should know for real (REAL military professionals, that is).

People are talking, for instance this post on a Salon forum today:

"The Westmoreland Factor"

"My husband is retired military, a distinguished veteran of both the first Gulf War and Somalia, who served 16 years. And his comment upon hearing about all the generals coming forward was 'None of them wants to be General Westmoreland' -- meaning that history by and large blames much of the disaster that was Vietnam on Westmoreland's failure to modify the plan when things weren't going well. Each of these generals that has come forward knows that history will hold them responsible for their association with this fiasco in Iraq.

"As for Rummy, he, Bush, Rove and Cheney are all part of that group that bragged to Ron Susskind that they were above the 'reality based community' -- that they were so powerful and effective that they could create whatever reality they wanted, irrespective of the existing facts and truths on the ground. It is this arrogance that has driven Rummy's disasterous reimagining of the military, the misguided invasion of Iraq and its horribly bungled aftermath. It has killed thousands of American soldiers and left our country and our civil rights a shambles.

"Of course they are ignoring the pleas of the generals for Rummy's resignation. They ignored the generals when they tried to tell them the truth about the weaknesses in the invasion plan in the first place. This is not a group that beleives much in objective analysis -- they believe only what suits them. It is a convenience that comes from having been shelterd from reality by wealth and privilege. None of these guys has known a day of want in the last 50 years, and they don't care who dies or suffers so long as their wealth, privilege and power is sustained.

"I'm not sure if they really even beleive their own lies anymore, but they'll keep on pressing the issue anyway, because to give in would mean having to surrender power, and they aren't going to do that. "I'm the decider" Bush declares, and we're all supposed to be content with that, even when his decisions are patently wrong. It's the kind of tautalogical statement a spoiled brat makes when he doesn't want to be questioned. What he decides must be right because he's the decider, after all. They don't believe in or want accountability because they think they are above accountability.

"For those who wonder what to do -- there is only one thing to do -- get involved in your local Democratic Party. Get involved in local canvassing efforts and phone banking. WOrk to turn out Democrat voters on election day this November. With the GOP in control of all 3 branches of the US Government, there is no hope to bring a breath of reality back into our government. Get a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and maybe we can do something about it."

"-- Bagheera25"

Bagheera, may I interest you in forming a ladies' social club?


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