Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Spy v. Spy: Internecine Warfare

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We should probably title this "Tell Us How You Really Feel," snottily, dismissively juvenile & inane as Demon Princess finds that moronic blandishment to be (always a stickler for manners & grammar as she is).

But it's a notable commentary on Hayden for its source--the spy who ratted to the press about the extent of the warrantless domestic spying program--as well as the venue, an online thing called Defense Tech, which bills itself devoted to all things "military, law enforcement & national security" (scary!)
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Russ Tice, formerly of the CIA, unburdens his conscience & vents his ire by describing Hayden's character this way (try to overlook his misspelling--I have):

"UPDATE 5:02 PM: While Inman [formerly in charge of NSA] was generally supportive of General Michael Hayden, George Bush's pick for CIA director, and Inman's NSA successor -- despite the fact that the Hayden was the guy running the questionable domestic surveillance project. Even his critics, Inman said, have given Hayden "high marks" for refocusing the agency on terrorism.

"Most of 'em, anyway. NSA whistleblower Russ Tice, to put it mildly, hates Hayden's guts. Echoing TPM Muckraker allegations that 'between 1999 and 2005, the NSA bungled two key technology programs and... has been burning through billions -- billions -- of dollars,' Tice tells Defense Tech:

Through his mismanagement, many critical SIGINT missions were not funded and the intelligence needed and depended on was not collected. Perhaps 911 could have been avoided if NSA had those assets in place and did not waste all that money...

He lied about the NSA being involved in domestic spying and continues to lie about the enormous scope of those programs. He stated NSAer know about the Forth Amendment to the Constitution and in the same breath proved that he did not have a clue about it hinging on "probable cause" not reasonableness. He forgot to mention that he also violated the FISA Act and NSA's own policy on domestic Spying (USSID-18).

To be frank, he is a self promoter, an ass-kisser, an accomplished liar, an oath breaker, an extremely poor manager, a sadist, a criminal, and a proven domestic enemy of the Constitution of the United States. Oh, and a piss-poor all-source intelligence officer to boot. He should have remained an air opps officer restricted to the flight ready-room.

To sum Hayden up in a few words, he is dishonorable and without integrity.

In would appear that the president will not tolerate a lap-dog like Porter Goss that barks now and again. Hayden will lift his leg and squat all over the constitutional carpet, but while in the lap of the man who sits the newly erected thrown, Hayden will wag his tail and only open his mouth to lick his master's face.

Lord help us!


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